Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Second Semester 2012 Goals

My goal for the second semester of the 2011-2012 school year is to get my homework done and to try to stay committed to receiving good grades. I will select this goal because the last semester I just gave up on myself and I didn't want to try because I had no hope in myself. Also because I want to be able to be more responsible and I want to show others that I can be. I will achieve this goal by paying better attention in class and writing down what my homework is every day. At the end of the semester I will know I achieved my goal by looking back at the progress I have made and I will compare it to how my performance was the first semester.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

“Through the Tunnel” Prove Yourself Paragraph

The time when I had to prove myself by reaching my goal was when I was beginning to lose my outing priveleges because of my grades. My dad told me that he had noticed my grades slipping and said I needed to get them up in order to go out and hang with friends. In a matter of weeks I proved to my dad that I was capable of reaching my goal and he was very impressed but still wanted me to push myself because he told me that he knew I could do it, and that I am smart enough. He added that he wants me to have a better life than he had and more opportunities. Once I reached that next goal he gave me my priveleges back and told me how proud he was of me.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Narrator Assessment Project - Thanksgiving 2011

Jennifer C & Ronnie H
Narrator Assessment Project
English 10 - Period 2
November 30, 2011

Quentin Jammer San Pasqual Academy Thanksgiving Dinner

First-Person Narration from Alicia Jammer Point of Views
To see these kids having such a great time brings joy to my heart. I am so thankful that I am able to provide so much for these youth. Its about time to eat, I guess its time for me to go up and talk about today, since Quentin doesn’t ever talk in front of people. So now that everyone has their food, its times to call up my guest speaker, I hope that the kids like his story, he has lived a hard life maybe they will show interest in him. He seems to have a presentation set for them, I just hope none of the kids that are volunteering are going to get hurt! That was so great to see how much these kids like his story, he might have inspired some of these kids like he has done to me. Its time for the Mystic dance crew to come out, these guys just love the dance crew. It was wonderful to spend time with these kids its time to go home, my boys are tired. It was a wonderful night to spend with them, I am thankful for them.
Third-Person Omniscient Narration from Alicia Jammer Point of Views
As soon as Jennifer, Alex, and Ronnie got to the Jammer Dinner, they claimed their seats at the same table. There was a lot of activities like caricatures, collage tables, a chance to walk through the hall of champions, and much more. They chose to stand in line to have their pictures drawn. The line was very long because everyone was very excited to do the same. During that time Alex, Ronnie, and Jennifer decided walk through the hall of fame. After the line got shorter Alex and Ronnie was drawn by the guy. Once they heard the call to go back to their seats, they bowed their heads when the food was blessed and went to get their food with the others. The rest of the night filled with entertainment and then they got on their buses ready for their long ride home.

Narrator Expository Paragraph
The choice of narrator by an author effects the story, because it controls everything that happens. By choosing first-person narration the reader knows everything about the main character. The main focus of the story is about that character, by using this point of view the author has hidden whether the character is credible or unreliable. When using third-person omniscient the reader knows all of the thoughts, actions, and feelings about all the characters in the story. There is nothing that is hidden from the reader, the readers will be able to spot out which characters are unreliable. By the author choosing one of these ways to narrate a story the story is drastically changed, the story can remain partly mysterious or completely open.

Monday, November 21, 2011

’Typhoid Fever’– Present Tense Childhood Memory

I am four years old and sitting by our pool. I see everyone swimming and splashing with relief on this hot summer day. I get up and try to balance on the edge of the concrete that leads to the pool, when I hear my mom yell at me: "Sis, stop playing around or you'll fall in, and I'm not jumping in to save you." I ignore her and keep trying to balance myself. Next thing I know I can see the reflections of the sky through the water I'm under and then everything goes black. I peek open one of my eyes and i notice that I'm upside down. maybe I'm on someones shoulder, but its hard to tell. Everything goes black again and then I open my eyes only to find myself laying on my bed with all my clothes wet. I walk back outside to look for my rescuer but no one said anything and just continued with the pool party. I still don't know who saved my until this day.